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Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament Arrives


Combine fishing and fundraising and you get the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Tournament. Fishers of all skill levels are welcome to throw their rods in and see how they do. Those of you in Beau Coast West homes in Beaufort NC won’t want to miss this entertaining event.

The contest dates are October 7-28, 2023, for the Seventh Annual Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Fishing Tournament. Registration is closed now, but you can still enjoy some of the competition. It takes place over three weeks to ensure the protection of the participants from inclement weather. Note that only king mackerel are caught for this tournament.

A fantastic mix of local sponsors, participants, volunteers and supporters continue to make the tournament a huge success. Families, fishing buddies, and lone fishermen all turn out for this fun and exciting event, highlighting some of the best of Atlantic Beach, the Crystal Coast and Carteret County.

An awards banquet exclusive to the fishermen will be held at 6 pm, October 28,2023, at Crows Nest Parking Lot. Food will be provided by Smithfield’s Chicken and BBQ. As well as tournaments within the tournament, there are money prizes for the top ten winners. First place receives $15,000; 2nd receives $6,000, 3rd receives $2,500, 4th receives $1,500, 5th receives $750, and 6th through 10th receive $400.

This tournament isn’t just about the money prizes. The motto is “We fish for life”, because this tournament is also a charitable fundraiser. The Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Fishing Tournament is a non-profit fundraiser supported entirely by volunteers with the mission of purchasing lifesaving equipment for the Atlantic Beach Fire department.  All money donated is tax deductible due to the 501(c)(3) status of the Atlantic Beach King Mackerel Fishing Tournament, Inc. They hope to exceed their goals once again to purchase lifesaving equipment requested by the AB Fire Department.

This fishing tournament is a great example of life at Beau Coast West in the beautiful homes in Beaufort NC. Residents have a wonderful opportunity to get out and have a good time, all while helping to raise money for a good, local cause. If this sounds like your kind of community, contact us today to learn more about our homes and laid-back coastal community.